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Just occasionally, odd little quirks can be found in ticket issues that add interest for the enquiring mind, and No 7 in Eric Schofield’s series highlights anomalies with tickets issued on one particular day in 1971.

No. 7  Arran Embarkation Tickets and Brodick/Craigendoran Single

Since 1955 Embarkation Tickets had been required for travel to Arran (Brodick and/or Whiting Bay) on the peak Saturday sailing at 1045, this gradually extending to further peak sailings both to and from Arran — notably following closure of Whiting Bay Pier after 1961, and later on most days of the summer season when the drive-through ferry Caledonia (with her limited passenger capacity) was introduced in 1970.

A note of the specific dates when these tickets were required was stated in the respective timetables, but in 1971, due to ever increasing peak travel, Embarkation Tickets had to be obtained for some Sunday sailings as well — even though not specified in the timetable. Sunday 1 August was one such occasion.

You will notice that the Embarkation Tickets that were issued for the 1230 and 1515 sailings out of Ardrossan on Sunday 1st August were not only pre-printed with the time of the sailings but also the date, Saturday 31 July 1971.

Saaletal at Ardrossan’s Irish Berth on 1 August 1971, while on charter to Burns & Laird. Copyright Eric Schofield

The need to control the traffic flow on Sundays clearly had not been anticipated when timetables were being published (and ticket stock printed), resulting in the use of the previous day’s stock for these Sunday sailings.

I spent the Sunday afternoon going to and fro between Ardrossan and Brodick.

At Ardrossan there were opportunities to picture Burns & Laird’s chartered ferry Saaletal and a couple of Isle of Man vessels in addition to Caledonia.

Over at Brodick, I photographed Cowal on her return voyage from Tarbert to Fairlie.

I chose to head back home via Craigendoran, and so joined Queen Mary II, returning from her Campbeltown excursion.

She sailed at 1745 from Brodick via Fairlie and Largs to Rothesay, and then I went by Maid of Cumbrae via Dunoon to Craigendoran.

Queen Mary II did not have any pre-printed stock of Brodick/Craigendoran single tickets so I was issued with a blank card with start and finish ports handwritten thereon.

Caledonia arriving at Ardrossan Harbour on 1 August 1971. Copyright Eric Schofield

Bound for the Isle of Man: Mona’s Isle leaving Ardrossan on 1 August 1971. Copyright Eric Schofield

Manx Maid at Ardrossan on 1 August 1971. Copyright Eric Schofield

As clouds gather in the late afternoon, Cowal leaves Brodick Pier bound for Fairlie. Copyright Eric Schofield

On her return journey from Campbeltown, Queen Mary II approaches Brodick on 1 August 1971. Copyright Eric Schofield


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Published on 17 August 2018