Club Constitution

CRSC’s Constitution was reviewed and updated by its management committee during the 2018-19 winter session, and approved at a Special General Meeting, open to all paid up CRSC members, on 17 April 2019.


Clyde River Steamer Club (CRSC) is the name of our association.


2.1 To create opportunities for ship enthusiasts to sail, meet and talk together.

In order to promote the aims of CRSC, its management committee (the committee) may arrange:
Meetings, presentations and functions; sailings, visits and any other activities considered to lie within CRSC’s aims; the preparation and publication of any material considered to lie within CRSC’s aims; the development and maintenance of a website which reflects CRSC’s interests, and acts as a portal to encourage new members and provide access to CRSC information and services.

2.2 To stimulate interest in, and research into, British coastal passenger shipping, with particular emphasis on the Clyde, Hebridean and other Scottish fleets.


3.1 Membership of CRSC is open to anyone interested in our aims.

There are three classes of membership:

Ordinary Membership; Student Membership for those under 25 years of age; Honorary Membership.

3.2 Members of CRSC, with the exception of Honorary Members, pay an annual subscription, as set by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and payable by October each year.


4.1 CRSC will be managed by a committee of 11 members as follows:-

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Cruising Manager, Publicity Manager, Magazine Editor, Review Editor, Two Ordinary members.

The President and Vice President will hold office for two years from the date of the AGM appointing them. The remaining members of the committee will be elected annually at the AGM. All committee members will be elected from and by members of CRSC. If any position receives more than one nomination at the AGM, election will be by ballot of the members of CRSC present at the AGM.

If a vacancy occurs in the committee, the remaining members may appoint any CRSC member to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

In the event of any vote being called for at committee meetings, each committee member is entitled to one vote, even if he or she holds more than one position. In the case of equal votes, the Chairperson will have an additional casting vote.

4.2 The committee in its sole discretion may co-opt additional members onto the committee to carry out specific duties or responsibilities. Co-opted members are entitled to vote on committee decisions.

4.3 The committee will meet at regular intervals throughout the year to deal with CRSC business and ensure it is managed in an efficient way.

The President or, in their absence the Vice President, will chair committee meetings. If neither is able to be present, the committee will nominate a substitute chairperson.

The Secretary will keep minutes of discussions and decisions at committee meetings, and these will be retained as a record. A quorum of the committee is seven members.

4.4 The committee will be entitled in its sole discretion to delegate any of its business to a sub-committee drawn from the committee and/or the general membership of CRSC. Committee voting rights will not apply to any sub-committee. Each sub-committee will file a report to every committee meeting.

4.5 CRSC’s financial year will end on 31st January each year. The Treasurer will manage CRSC’s bank account(s) and maintain accurate financial records on behalf of the committee. These will be audited before each AGM and copies will be available to members.

4.6 The committee may in its sole discretion donate any sum to any charitable organisation.


5.1 The AGM will be held not later than 30th April each year.

At least seven days’ notice of the AGM will be given to members in writing and also by posting the notice on CRSC’s website. Members must advise the Secretary in writing of any competent business they wish to be included on the agenda of the AGM at least three days before a meeting. The Secretary will notify members present at the meeting of any items added to the agenda since the notice was sent out, and will be responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting.

5.2 The business of the AGM will be:
to adopt the minutes of the previous AGM and any subsequent General Meetings to receive the report from the President
to receive the annual report of the committee from the Secretary
to receive the report from the Treasurer and approve the audited accounts for the year
to elect committee members
to appoint an Auditor
to set subscription rates.

5.3 Nomination of candidates for election as office bearers can only be made and seconded by CRSC members.

5.4 The President, or in their absence the Vice President, or in the absence of both the President’s nominee, will chair all General Meetings.

5.5 Decisions made at a General Meeting will be by a majority of votes from CRSC members voting at the meeting. Each member will be entitled to one vote at General Meetings. In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson will be entitled to an additional casting vote.

5.6 A quorum for a General Meeting will be 25 members plus seven committee members.

5.7 Special General Meetings may be arranged by the committee or at the request, in writing to the Secretary, of not fewer than 15 members of the Club. At least 14 days’ notice of the meeting will be given, and it will take place no later than 60 days after the request has been lodged.


Any proposed amendments to CRSC’s Constitution may only be considered at an Annual or Special General Meeting, convened with the required written notice of the proposal.

Any amendment must be proposed and seconded by members of CRSC. Such amendments will be passed if supported by a majority of members voting at the meeting, assuming that a quorum is present.


7.1 If, at a General Meeting, a resolution is passed calling for the dissolution of CRSC, the Secretary will immediately convene a Special General Meeting, to be held not less than one month and not more than three months thereafter, to discuss and vote on the resolution.

7.2 If, at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried for dissolution by a majority of members voting at the meeting, the committee will thereupon, or at such date as will have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of CRSC and discharge all debts and liabilities of CRSC.

7.3 In the event of CRSC becoming insolvent, the members will be held jointly and severally liable for its debts.

7.4 In the event of CRSC being disbanded, except for amalgamation or reconstruction, any surplus funds remaining after all necessary expenses will be donated to such maritime organisations as the committee in its sole discretion may choose.