Social Media Guidelines

Clyde River Steamer Club (CRSC) recognises that social media offer a platform for the Club to connect with ship enthusiasts and other interested parties, and build its profile online.

The Club therefore encourages its members and representatives to use social media to support the Club’s goals and objectives.

Basic advice

Regardless of which social networks are used, observance of these simple rules should help to avoid the most common pitfalls:

  • Know the social network. Users of CRSC social media accounts should spend time becoming familiar with the social network before contributing. It is important to read any FAQs and understand what is and is not acceptable on a network before posting messages or updates.
  • If unsure, don’t post it. Users of CRSC social media accounts should err on the side of caution when posting to social networks. If anyone feels an update or message might cause complaints or offence — or be otherwise unsuitable — they should not post it. CRSC’s representatives, members and friends can always consult the Club’s elected officials for advice.
  • Be thoughtful and polite. Many social media users have got into trouble simply by failing to observe basic good manners online. Everyone should adopt the same level of courtesy used when communicating via email.
  • Look out for security threats. Users of CRSC social media accounts should be on guard against social engineering and phishing attempts. Social networks are also used to distribute spam and malware. Further details below.
  • Don’t make promises without checking. Some social networks are very public, so users of CRSC social media accounts should not make commitments or promises on behalf of the Club without checking that it can deliver on the promises. Direct any enquiries to the Club’s elected representatives.
  • Handle complex queries via other channels. Social networks are not a good place to resolve complicated enquiries and customer issues. Once a customer has made contact, CRSC’s authorised representatives should handle further communications via the most appropriate channel — usually email or telephone.
  • Don’t escalate things. It is easy to post a quick response to a contentious status update and then regret it. Users of CRSC social media accounts should always take time to think before responding, and hold back if they are in any doubt at all.


Use of Club social media accounts

This part of the social media policy covers all use of social media accounts owned and run by CRSC.

Authorised users

Only people who have been authorised to use CRSC social networking accounts may do so.

Allowing only designated people to use the accounts ensures the Club’s social media presence is consistent and cohesive.

Creating social media accounts

New social media accounts in the Club’s name must not be created unless approved by the Club’s Honorary Secretary.

CRSC operates its social media presence in line with a strategy that focuses on the most appropriate social networks, given available resources.

Purpose of Club social media accounts

Clyde River Steamer Club’s social media accounts may be used for different purposes.

In general, CRSC’s authorised representatives should only post updates and messages, or otherwise use these accounts, when that use is clearly in line with the Club’s overall objectives.

For instance, CRSC’s authorised representatives may use its social media accounts to:

  • Respond to customer enquiries and requests for help.
  • Share blog posts, articles and other content created by the Club.
  • Share insightful articles, videos, media and other content relevant to the Club, but created by others.
  • Provide ship enthusiasts and other interested parties with an insight into what goes on at the Club.
  • Promote marketing campaigns and special offers.
  • Support new product launches and other initiatives.

Inappropriate content and uses

CRSC social media accounts must not be used to share or spread inappropriate content, or to take part in any activities that could bring the Club into disrepute.

When sharing an interesting blog post, article or piece of content, CRSC’s authorised representatives should always review the content thoroughly, and should not post a link based solely on a headline.

Safe and responsible use of social media

The rules in this section apply to anyone using Club social media accounts.

Users must not:

  • Create or transmit material that might be defamatory or incur liability for CRSC.
  • Post messages, status updates or links to material or content that is inappropriate.

Inappropriate content includes: pornography, racial or religious slurs, gender-specific comments, information encouraging criminal skills or terrorism, or materials relating to cults, gambling and illegal drugs.

This definition of inappropriate content or material also covers any text, images or other media that could reasonably offend someone on the basis of race, age, sex, religious or political beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.

Additionally, users must not:

  • Use social media for any illegal or criminal activities.
  • Send offensive or harassing material to others via social media.
  • Broadcast unsolicited views on social, political, religious or other non-business related matters.
  • Send or post messages or material that could damage Clyde River Steamer Club’s image or reputation.
  • Interact with CRSC’s competitors in any way which could be interpreted as being offensive, disrespectful or rude. (Communication with direct competitors should be kept to a minimum.)
  • Discuss colleagues, competitors, customers or suppliers without their approval.
  • Post, upload, forward or link to spam, junk email or chain emails and messages.


Clyde River Steamer Club respects and operates within copyright laws. Users may not use social media to publish or share any copyrighted software, media or materials owned by third parties, unless permitted by that third party.