14 Ships in a Day – A 21st Century Record?

0600 at Gourock.  Crew aboard Ali Cat getting ready for first run of the day at 0620.  
No sign of life yet on Argyll Flyer
Ali Cat seemingly creates the first waves of the day on her way to Dunoon Ali Cat sets off from Dunoon on return journey
Argyll Flyer arriving Dunoon at 0705 On way back to Gourock we see Sound of Shuna at McInroy’s Point – ready for her 2nd return crossing of the day Ali Cat on 2nd run with Kilcreggan Pier in background 
A quick run down to Wemyss Bay in time to watch Bute arriving for the 0845 to Rothesay Bute  leaving Rothesay at 0930 Argyle arrives Rothesay at 1000
Bute  and Argyle pass off Toward Seabus arriving at Gourock.  1145 departure slightly delayed whilst tickets are sold to passengers, many of whom are crossing to Kilcreggan to catch Waverley Seabus leaves Kilcreggan Pier, with a now sizeable crowd waiting for Waverley
Waverley takes the long way round to tackle Kilcreggan, arriving about 15 minutes down on schedule A snatched picture of Waverley at Dunoon before I have to make my way aboard Ali Cat for 1250 back over to Gourock      Eric Schofield (right) prepares to disembark from the Ali Cat at Gourock on the morning of his epic ferry-hopping day on 29 July 2011. Wishing him well are Argyll Ferries crewman Ryan Hamil (left) and CRSC Past President Iain MacLeod (centre). In the background is the Argyll Flier.      
A quick car run down to McInroy’s Point, a dash to the ferry, and I am now aboard Sound of Shuna on the 1330 crossing to Hunter’s Quay Sound of Shuna heads away, with my next ship Sound of Scalpay getting ready to start her day  Sound of Scalpay moves from lay-up berth ready to load for the 1415 departure
A fine view of Scalpay at McInroy’s Point Sound of Scarba arrives, well on schedule for the 1500 sailing My fourth WF ferry, Sound of Sanda will get me back over to the mainland for 1605
Trying to find a suitable parking place in Largs means it is a rush to catch Loch Shira’s 1645 sailing Many of the daytrippers to Cumbrae are already beginning the trek homewards at 1700 My twelfth boat of the day, Loch Riddon, arrives at Cumbrae Slip
As we return to Largs, Loch Shira makes a fine sight on her next crossing After ample time for a fish tea in Largs, I am down at Ardrossan in plenty time to watch Saturn seemingly glide through the evening calm towards the harbour Saturn silhouetted in the evening sun, with Arran hills behind
Saturn looks quite at home loading at the ‘Arran’ berth for her last crossing of the day  We pass close to Caledonian Isles Saturn vacates Brodick Pier as Caledonian Isles nears on her Friday evening additional return service
With daylight gradually settling lower in the western sky, I relax on the top deck of Caledonian Isles, my fourteenth ship of a very memorable day on the Clyde