1935 Excursions

22nd June 1935


Nominated excursion

Bridge Wharf (Broomielaw), Lochranza, (time ashore) Lochranza, Bridge Wharf (Broomielaw)


6th July 1935

Nominated excursion to sail on new Talisman

CALEDONIA:  Princes Pier, Gourock, Kirn, Dunoon

KENNILWORTH:  Dunoon Innellan, Rothesay

TALISMAN:  Rothesay, Craigmore, Innellan, Dunoon,

DUCHESS OF MONTROSE:  Dunoon, Gourock 

Full day of sailing timed to catch Talisman on her service run

28th December 1935 – Photograph published


Nominated excursion

Details unknown and the event was not recorded here until a Group photograph was discovered in Club’s Glass Slide Collection