Shieldhall – 12th June 1964

Trip downriver from Shieldhall Sewage works to
dumping ground and return
Notes from the Club’s Magazine No1 (1965):
The Club had its first ever cruise aboard SHIELDHALL, sailing from Shieldhall Sewage works to Garroch Head.
Forty-two members and friends are recorded as having taken part.
Photographs:  Eric Schofield
Shieldhall at Shieldhall Sewage Riverside Quay
 Jeanie Deans passes on way upriver
on Friday Upriver cruise to Glasgow
Ben Lines Bendearg lying outside
Albert Harbour ( during trials period) 
 Flying Witch heading downriver as Shieldhall returns upriver  Jeanie Deans heading downriver  

Photographs:  JTA Brown collection
CRSC members on board Glasgow Corporation sludge boat Shieldhall. 
 Among those pictured are Dr Neil McKillop, Ian Brown, Willie Fergus, Iain MacArthur,
George Stromier, Graham Langmuir, Fraser MacHaffie and Neil McArthur