Waverley – 16th September 1972

Glasgow (Princes Dock), Gourock, Craigendoran,
Rhu (ferry landing), cruise to Garelochhead, Kilcreggan,
Kilmun (time ashore), lnnellan, cruise via Largs Channel,
Troon (time ashore), Millport (Old) (time ashore),
Millport (Keppel), Largs, Wemyss Bay, Dunoon, Gourock
Provided connections Millport, Largs, Wemyss Bay
to Gourock
Acted as tender to Waverley at Rhu.
Details of Tender
arrangements at Rhu
Photographs provided by Andrew Clark from his collection
Waverley at Kilmun
Waverley at Rhu with
Countess of Kempock alongside 
Waverley at Troon 

Photographs provided by John Park
Waverley arriving Gourock   Countess of Kempock at Rhu Countess of Kempock at Rhu 
Countess of Kempock at Rhu   Loch Fyne at Faslane  Waverley at Kilmun
 Waverley at Kilmun
Waverley at Innellan
Start of Inverkip Chimney between fanboards
 Waverley at Innellan
 Waverley at Troon  Puffer Sitka at Troon Waverley at Millport 
 Waverley at Millport
 Waverley at Millport
Maid between the funnels 
John’s notes for this trip are below:
I struggled a bit with some of these, taken on a Kodak film which has faded and darkened quite badly, so you can see what you can use.  There are a few alternative views taken with an Instamatic camera which are not quite as sharp but at least the film has stayed true.  I changed film after Troon and the Millport views are nice and clear despite this being an identical Kodak film.  I’ve previously discovered what seems to have been the occasional poorly processed film while sorting through old slides although there was no obvious sign of this at the time.
Some interesting views none the less.  The previous “LochFyne” was lying at the breakers at Faslane at this time, while to her left is the rather nice 1947 Tyne built “Port Lyttelton” being scrapped. 
In the background of the Troon puffer shot is funnel and masts of the IOMSP’s “Monas Queen” which would have been almost new at this time, while the craft the “Sitka” is berthed to was the old Erskine ferry I believe.  In the background of the same shot is a lovely selection of 60/70’s cars, while the view from up the hill at Innellan also shows a couple of mouth-watering vans. All taken completely for granted at the time! 
A gaze into the distance of the first Waverley at Innellan photo will show the start of the chimney at Inverkip being built.  Amazing what you see in your own photos years after taking them!