Maid of Cumbrae – 30th April 1977


(Centenary of 1st  LORD OF THE ISLES)
Gourock, Wemyss Bay, cruise via Kyles of Bute,
Inveraray (time ashore), Tighnabruaich (time ashore),
cruise via Kyles of Bute and Rothesay Bay, Gourock
This was a complex itinerary with the following options
Route A – Loch Eck tour – Out by MoC and return by coach and ferry
Route B – Loch Eck tour – Out by ferry and coach and return by MoC
Route C – Sailing out and back by Maid of Cumbrae
See booking form for more details
Photograph:  Andrew Clark collection
                       Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray
Photographs:  Eric Schofield
 Maid of Cumbrae re-berthing
at Gourock
 Bute at Gourock with
Granny Kempock behind
Onboard Maid of Cumbrae
arriving Wemyss Bay Pier 
(note recent fire damage) 
 Cowal loading cars etc at Wemyss Bay
Onboard Maid of Cumbrae
passing Ardyne Construction Yard 
Onboard Maid of Cumbrae
arriving. Inveraray 
Club Pennant flying  
on Maid of Cumbrae 
Disembarkation from
Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray 
 Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray
Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray 
Alfresco dining on
Maid of Cumbrae in Loch Fyne 
 North Arran viewed from
Maid of Cumbrae
Maid of Cumbraeā€™s unscheduled
call at Tighnabruaich 
 Maid of Cumbrae
at Tighnabruaich 
Onboard Maid of Cumbrae
negotiating the Narrows 
Notes from John Park
My own memories of this day (like most) are prompted to some extent by my photos, but a closer study of the booking form tells the tale more fully with all the options listed.
I have obviously taken the “Route B” option on the form and travelled out via “Juno” to Dunoon and the Loch Eck coach tour to Inveraray, returning from there to Gourock by the Maid.  I recall the coach waiting at Inveraray for the Maid to arrive which would probably confirm that others did the trip in reverse order (Route A), the return timings for the coach would also suggest this.  I’m sure the coach was on hire to the club on this occasion as the whole round trip would not have been possible without the Maid’s (on charter) presence at Inveraray.  It is likely that most members did the complete round trip on board the Maid (Route C) as the coach was a 49 seater and I don’t recall it being particularly busy.
I think the whole Loch Eck steamer tour had been dropped by this time anyway with the demise of regular calls at Inveraray.  The long sail up Loch Fyne was never a great favourite of mine and this may have prompted me to take the coach tour option in the first place.
Another interesting aspect of viewing these old booking forms alongside the photos is that the Tighnabruaich call was obviously not planned and must have been somebody’s bright idea as we sailed past!
The two bus photos at Inveraray are a bit “off topic” for CRSC admittedly but still very typical of what was to be seen on the day but taken completely for granted at the time.  These are Western SMT Leyland Leopard coaches operating the No.26 Glasgow – Campbeltown service which would have had a short stop-over at Inveraray. 
Photographs:  John Park
 Juno at Dunoon
Gorman’s Tours bus (MSB 1R)
at Inveraray used on the
Loch Eck part of tour 
Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray
Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray
 Maid of Cumbrae at Inveraray Maid of Cumbrae at Tighnabruaich  Maid of Cumbrae at Tighnabruaich   Onboard Maid of Cumbrae
 Broadford at Rhubodach  Submarine off Bute Bute and Juno at Gourock   Bute and Glen Sannox at Gourock
Bute at Gourock
Western SMT Leopard L2490
(SCS 359M)
Western SMT Leopard L2467
(SCS 336M)
Bute at Gourock