Clyde Rover – 31st May 1986

JUNO (Jupiter expected)
SATURN (Juno expected)
Nominated excursion – Normal service sailings
Coach and Cruise:  Gourock, Dunoon; 
Colintraive, Rhubodach; Rothesay, Wemyss Bay;
Largs,Millport, Cumbrae Slip, Largs
Clyde Ferry Link Part 2
Photographs supplied by:  Eric Schofield
 Our coach being loaded on to Juno at Gourock Broadford at buoy off Colintraive  onboard Portree at Colintraive  our coach reverses onto Portree at Colintraive 
 CRSC members “supervise”
         the loading of the coach onto Portree 
 all aboard Portree – Colintraive/Rhubodach  Portree at Rhubodach as Milford passes  our coach disembarking Portree at Rhubodach
 Portree lve. Rhubodach , Broadford in background Largs at Rothesay, Albert Pier   Saturn and Milford at Rothesay  onboard coach boarding Saturn at Rothesay
 onboard Saturn lve. Rothesay  Saturn lve. Wemyss Bay  Keppel at Largs  Isle of Cumbrae arr. Largs with Coruisk at buoy
 Keppel lve. Millport  Isle of Cumbrae arr. Cumbrae Slip