Sound of Seil – 26th May 2015

Evening Cruise on board Western Ferries – Sound of Seil
Departing McInroys Point and sailing to parts of the Firth not normally visited by Western Ferries
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As it was 7 years since the Club chartered one of the Western Ferries fleet, arrangements were made to allow members and friends of the CRSC to enjoy an evening cruise aboard MV SOUND OF SEIL.
It had been hoped to fix on a date for this outing that would not clash with other activities, but regrettably that proved impossible, Waverley’s run north for her West Highland Week being scheduled for this same date.   As a consequence, the turnout was low, although sufficient to meet our outgoings.  Our small band did however get their cruise in full, which was not the case for those who chose to go with the paddler.  
The evening was cool with dark heavy clouds occasionally turning murky and wet. As Sound of Seil made her way over to McInroy’s Point to take up the charter a close-up view was had of a luxury block of flats (sorry M.V.Royal Princess) setting off from the Clyde and destined for Kirkwall.  Having boarded her cruise passengers at the older south west facing ramp, Sound of Seil then showed a fine turn of speed as she sailed over to Dunoon, thence down the Cowal Coast towards Rothesay Bay before turning to cross the Firth to off Largs, then north again back to our starting point, this time berthing at the north east ramp.  
The small but hardy band of Club Members and friends thoroughly enjoyed the Evening Breather and appreciated the effort taken by Western Ferries to make this short trip most worthwhile. 
Photographs:  Eric Schofield
 Onboard ‘Seil’ as ‘Scarba’
about to berth at Hunter’s Quay
Sounds of Shuna and Scarba at
Hunter’s Quay from Sound of Seil 
 Royal Princess 
Royal Princess 
‘Scarba’ berthing at McInroy’s Point,
taken from ‘Seil’ about to berth at south west ramp 
Club pennant on board Sound of Seil 

Photographs:  Norman Crawford

At McInroy’s Point  At McInroy’s Point   Royal Princess  Sound of Seil 
Argyle at Rothesay   Bute mid firth Bute mid firth   On board Sound of Seil
Photographs:  John Crae
Ali Cat at Dunoon 
Cloch lighthouse and
Royal Princess departing
MV Argyle at Rothesay 
 Largs  MV Bute  MV Bute  Sound of Scarba
Sound of Seil  CRSC Pennant  Sound of Seil  On board Sound of Seil 
On board Sound of Seil  On board Sound of Seil  Sound of Seil at end of cruise  Cloch lighthouse at dusk
Photographs:  Roy Paterson

Western Ferries CRSC cruise ticket     Royal Princess 141,000 GRT leaving Greenock en route to Kirkwall, Sound of Seil at bow, Sound of Scarba at stern

 Sound of Seil arriving at McInroy’s point
to pick up 33 happy cruisers
 Running parallel with Sound of Scarba
out of  McInroy’s Point
 Unusual deck view – no vehicles 
 View of Engine room 
View of Engine room 
Skipper Rhoderic Buchan
Skipper Rhoderic explains
the touch-screen controls 
 Two mesmerised onlookers! –
John Newth and Neil Guthrie
 Deck view from the bridge 
 Walkway to the bridge
 Back at McInroy’s Point
and end of cruise
Sound of Seil returns light to
Hunters Quay after an excellent cruise 
Photographs:  John Newth
 Sound of Seil ready at Hunter’s Quay
for her special sailing 
Lone passenger, Eric Schofield,
gets a unique shot of Royal Princess 
Arriving to the click of many shutters
at McInroy’s Point 
 Sound of Seil loaded and ready to leave On board Sound of Seil