April 2012 Meeting – Club’s 80th Annual General Meeting

The CRSC Annual General Meeting was held at Jurys Inn, Glasgow, on Wednesday 18 April 2011, with about 60 members present. It was chaired by Gordon Law, whose President’s Address can be read here.

Presenting the Accounts for the financial year 2011-12, Billy Tomlinson, Treasurer, said subscription income had not kept pace with expenditure, and an imminent rise in postal charges would pose an additional burden on Club finances. He recommended a rise in the annual subscription to £23. During the ensuing discussion, an alternative of £22 was proposed, but when the matter came to a vote, there was a large majority in favour of £23.

Deryk Docherty was elected President and, after receiving the President’s badge from Gordon Law, chaired the rest of the meeting. Angus Ross was elected Vice-President. Under the revised constitution agreed last year, the President and Vice-President now serve a term of two years.

Gordon Law, CRSC President for the 2011-12 session, hands over the
President’s Badge to Deryk Docherty at the AGM.

Eric Schofield (Secretary), Billy Tomlinson (Treasurer) and Stuart Craig (Membership Secretary) were also elected unopposed to their respective posts.

After his election as President for the next two years, Deryk Docherty
made some introductory remarks before asking for nominations for other
elected CRSC posts. Deryk is flanked on the left by Eric Schofield
(Honorary Secretary) and on the right by Gordon Law (President
2011-12) and Billy Tomlinson (Honorary Treasurer).

There were six nominations for the five elected positions on the Committee. A vote was taken, and the following were successful: Robert Cleary, Neil Guthrie, John Newth, Roy Paterson and Ian Wilson.

Graeme Hogg was re-appointed Auditor.

The meeting ended with a short and entertaining talk by our new Vice-President, who has had a distinguished career as a ship’s officer in the Royal Navy. With illustrations nicely balancing his travels across the oceans, his roots in Skye and his lifelong love of Clyde and West Highland shipping, Angus gave us not only a vivid picture of life at sea but also a welcome flavour of his own personality.

After his election as Vice-President, Angus Ross gave a short illustrated talk.