December 2011 Meeting – Pictorial Quiz Night


The December Meeting was held on 14 December and in a departure from our usual type of subject was “Pictorial Quiz Night” by Eric Schofield.
Those attending were given the opportunity to draw lots for teams of 4 whereupon Eric then showed us a selection of his, some would say, highly individualistic photos and challenged us to say what (or where) they represented.
As you might expect some of the answers given were way off the mark; like my one for a Western Ferries ship of “Sound of Music!” An answer not unexpectedly given short shrift by the rest of my team. There were 48 questions in all to which we managed, despite my efforts, 24 thanks primarily to our youngest member Alan Reid who was good on the Loch Class and in a very fortunate development it turned out we had Capt Calum Bryce on our team!
As might be expected the whole evening was carried out in good natured banter and proposing the Vote of thanks Deryk Dougherty thanked Eric for a most enjoyable evening
Below are a selection of Eric’s brain teasers.
What ship is this the bow of ?
An early 90’s view of the bridge deck of what ship ?
which are the 2 vessels in silhouette ?
M.V.Claymore but what route is she on ?