October 2011 Meeting – President’s Address “As Time Goes Bye”

The first of our winter session of meetings was held on 12 Oct 2011 and as always was our new President’s Presidential Address given this year by Gordon Law with the title “As Time Goes By”.
Gordon is perhaps better known, certainly in footballing circles, for his long standing contribution to Refereeing, particularly in the Junior Game, but despite the calls this made on his Saturdays he managed to take us through what in retrospect was a period of considerable change in the shipping scene; namely 1973 – 1986 illustrating with a host of high quality and some quite unique slides the gradual slipping away of the old favourites and the accelerating pace of the car ferry revolution which he most adequately charted, his commentary infused with a dry sense of humour.
Below are a few of the many slides he delighted us with.  Proposing the Vote of Thanks Honorary President Robin Boyd praised him for a very impressive start to his Presidency and for reminding us of what a period of change those years had been. A sentiment we all heartily agreed with.
Gordon’s comment on seeing the newly launched Isle of Arran;
“Good gracious! they have reverted to Glasgow and South Western colours!
Caledonia @ Craigendoran  (Iain Quinn)

Two after my own heart; Queen Mary II’s starting platform and King George’s gauge panel
(why did I not take these pictures?)


Gordon Law (centre) being congratulated after his Address by Robin Boyd
and the newest recruit to our membership 14 year old Allan Smith

Gibbie Anderson