Clipper Ranger

MV Muirneag has been on charter to CalMac for some years to operate the overnight freight service between Stornoway and Ullapool but with her safety certificate due to expire in October and her owners unwilling to spend the sums required to upgrade her to continue on the charter, Calmac have now chartered the Clipper Ranger to operate this service

 The Clipper Ranger was due to arrive at Stornoway at 1830 on 19.09.2013
Earlier that day, Muireag had vacated
her berth and moved to Arnish
 Clipper Ranger arrived about
30 mins after her ETA
Clipper Ranger tied up at
No 3 Quay(ferry terminal)
and tested her ramps
After trials at No 3 quay,
she moved across to No 1 quay 
Trials at No 1 quay 
The tide was exceptionally high and she was unable to lower her stern ramp to connect with the linkspan 
 By next morning she had moved to Arnish to allow the Muirneag to operate her normal overnight sailing.
The Clipper Ranger appeared to be a massive ship, much larger than the Muirneag, although perhaps this was exaggerated by the extremely high tide. She has a Turkish crew, and the word is that her master is a local man.
On Saturday 21.09 the Muirneag
arrived in Stornoway on her last crossing, passing  the Clipper ranger as she entered the Harbour
 She finally berthed at about 0930,
and the last load of
commercial traffic was unloaded
 Muirneag unloading final traffic  Muirneag unloading final traffic About an hour later her place had been taken by the Clipper Ranger, with the Muirneag moving off to Arnish 
With thanks to Colin Tucker
for sending in the report

of the changeover at Stornoway  

 A nice view of some of the (Turkish) crew contemplating what is to be their new home for the next months.
Clipper Ranger & Discovery,
Mark Nicolson 10 June 2014 
The Stornoway freight vessel & the visiting cruise ship at anchor off Stornoway