Book Sale (1): first come, first served

This bundle includes the first volume in the legendary Duckworth/Langmuir series of steamer books, and one of Ian McCrorie’s classics. Yours for £10

CRSC is selling classic steamer books at basement prices.

These are secondhand volumes, but all are in mint condition, and most of the hardbacks have the original dust cover.

They are being sold in bundles of five or six. Each bundle costs £10.

The winning bidder will be the first person to send an email to

The buyer can either pick them up in Glasgow or pay for postage.

The first bundle consists of:

West Highland Steamers by Duckworth & Langmuir, 1st edition (1935) — hardback, mint condition

Famous Paddle Steamers by F. C. Hambleton, 2nd edition (1971) — paperback, mint condition

From Cape to Cape, The History of Lyle Shipping by John Orbell (1978) — hardback, mint condition with dust cover

Historical Account of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company — 1904 edition (not the modern facsimile), paperback

Jeanie Deans, An Illustrated Biography by Fraser MacHaffie — the original 1977 booklet, mint condition

Clyde Pleasure Steamers, An Illustrated History by Ian McCrorie — 1986 booklet, mint condition

Future bundles will include first editions of renowned volumes by Williamson, McQueen, Duckworth/Langmuir and Alan J. S. Paterson.

Don’t miss this chance to put these classics on your bookshelf!

Please note that individual volumes cannot be bid for separately.

Published on 28 February 2022