Angus Ross and Charles McCrossan at CRSC AGM 20 April 2016On 20 April 2016 CRSC enjoyed a cathartic finale to its winter session of meetings when, in the course of a lively and well-attended AGM, it laid to rest the contentious issue of its partly missing photographic slide collection. Bringing his distinguished presidency to a close, Angus Ross (on the left with Charles McCrossan) said the Club had investigated the question of the missing 35mm colour slides as thoroughly as it could, and the time had now come to move on. What had survived was a rich legacy of black-and-white glass slides which, together with website contributions and recent donations (the latest being 3,000 colour images from the late Joe McKendrick’s estate), gave the Club a foundation for reorganising its collection digitally.

This theme was picked up by Charles McCrossan in an illustrated talk after the business part of the meeting. Charles gave a fascinating ‘warts and all’ exposé of the ‘deplorable’ condition into which much of the Club’s slide collection had been allowed to degenerate before digitisation, and showed the results of recent scanning and cleaning. As a result of this painstaking rescue work, CRSC now has a collection of 12,500 images, which will need cataloguing and careful dissemination.

Iain Morgan, CRSC president for 2016-18, at AGM 20 April 2016After his election as president for the next two years, Iain Morgan (right) said his aim was not only to leave the organisation in a better state than he found it, but also to increase membership — a task for which every member shared responsibility. Rob Beale was elected vice-president. Six names were put forward for the five committee positions, and the following were elected: Robert Cleary, Robin Copland, Neil Guthrie, John Newth, Roy Paterson.

Iain Morgan will deliver his presidential address at the first meeting of the 2016-17 winter session, on 12 October 2016 at Jurys Inn, Glasgow.

The three images below, from the CRSC slide collection, are among the latest to have been added to the Club’s digitised archive.

Talisman entering Rothesay Bay c1962

Talisman entering Rothesay Bay c1962 – photo copyright CRSC


Duchess of Montrose leaving Rothesay Bay c1932

Duchess of Montrose leaving Rothesay Bay c1932 – photo copyright CRSC


City of Oxford in Glasgow Docks c1960

Ellerman cargo ship City of Oxford in Glasgow Docks c1960 – photo copyright CRSC

Published on 21 April 2016