CRSC down the decades: an evolving series

The Clyde River Steamer Club, founded in 1932, unites a diverse group of enthusiasts by stimulating interest in shipping around our coasts, especially the west of Scotland. We meet together, sail together and talk together — and welcome anyone who shares our interest.

In the posts listed below you can follow the evolving decade-by-decade history of the Club and see how it has thrived amid the multifarious developments in our shipping fleets and changes in social habits. This is an ongoing series which we hope, eventually, to bring up to the present.

CRSC@90: how it all began

CRSC in the 1940s

CRSC in the 1950s

CRSC in the early 60s: springboard to rejuvenation

CRSC in the late 60s: an explosion of memorable activity

Stromier & Vogt, co-creators of a Club culture

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