Quiz: last chance to enter!

Isle of Cumbrae at Cumbrae Slip If you haven’t yet submitted an entry, now is the time to do so: closing date is Friday 8 July.

CRSC’s quiz about ship names, devised by Stuart Craig, is designed to tickle the brain cells of anyone familiar with Clyde/Hebridean steamers and ferries, past and present. There’s a total of 30. To get you going, here’s a clue to number 13 — pictured left..

The person with the most correct answers will receive a framed colour print of Ian Orchardson’s celebrated painting (below) of paddle steamer Duchess of Rothesay. The winner’s name, together with two runners-up and a complete list of answers, will be published here in mid July.

Even if you come up with only a handful of answers, we still encourage you to submit an entry. The quiz is open to everyone — not just CRSC members. Please respond to info@crsc.org.uk

Here are 30 clues. Now it’s up to you to name the ships they refer to:

1 Come tell me how it all began

2 This is really a double-edged sword

3 This time I’ve picked a ripe one, and twisted it

4 That metal is very fast!

5 Is she married to Prince Charles?

6 You’ll find it in a little vent

7 She was mum to those paddlers Mars and Vulcan

8 Somewhere backwards in a ton of ash

9 One of my favourite ferries bides here

10 It’s just a hop over the saddle from Glen Rosa

11 The biggest, and no rings!

12 In that field a cow also sits

13 It’s a ten mile circular cycle

14 The baron threw down his glove

15 Mrs Simpson sounds like she really set the heather alight

16 Let’s curtail a dunk in Loch Lomond

17 A nice big raisin

18 Is Leo far rangier than Capricorn and needing clipped?

19 The atoms of lithium arm ions of chlorine with extra electrons, so need reduced

20 Sounds as though it would go well with ice and coke

21 Will a hot beverage be served after this swimming event?

22 Befuddled Scotsman Tom was killed in battle

23 Have a rethink owl

24 An I seen Jade too, only in better English

25 Feels I is low, is not good English either

26 It’s really the man in number eleven

27 A mixed up hollow cylinder

28 Noodle fuss can be very Western, if scrutinised with an eye

29 This one was stunningly colourful

30 That’s a wide river to cross

Ian Orchardson's painting of Duchess of Rothesay arriving at Rothesay in the 1930s

Ian Orchardson’s painting of Duchess of Rothesay arriving at Rothesay in the 1930s