Quiz — the winners and answers

Thank you to everyone who took part in the quiz. Nobody got all thirty questions correct but two people got 29 out of 30, so we have two winners. Congratulations to Alistair Black and James Fisher. Pictures of them receiving their prizes will be posted in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, here are the solutions to the 30 questions. Was the quiz too hard or too easy? We would welcome your comments at info@crsc.org.uk

  1. Come tell me how it all began   COMET (the first steamer)
  2. This is really a double-edged sword   CLAYMORE
  3. This time I’ve picked a ripe one, and twisted it   PIONEER
  4. That metal is very fast   MERCURY (quicksilver)
  5. Is she married to Prince Charles?   DUCHESS OF ROTHESAY
  6. You’ll find it in a little vent   LEVEN
  7. She was mum to those paddlers Mars and Vulcan   JUNO
  8. Somewhere backwards in a ton of ash   ASHTON
  9. One of my favourite ferries bides here   HEBRIDES
  10. It’s just a hop over the saddle from Glen Rosa   GLEN SANNOX
  11. The biggest, and no rings!   JUPITER (planet!)
  12. In that field a cow also sits   COWAL
  13. It’s a ten mile circular cycle   ISLE OF CUMBRAE
  14. The baron threw down his glove   REDGAUNTLET
  15. Mrs Simpson sounds like she really set the heather alight   MADGE WILDFIRE
  16. Let’s curtail a dunk in Loch Lomond   KINLOCH
  17. A nice big raisin   SULTANA
  18. Is Leo far rangier than Capricorn and needing clipped?   ISLE OF ARRAN
  19. The atoms of lithium arm ions of chlorine with extra electrons, so need reduced   MARMION
  20. Sounds as though it would go well with ice and coke   RHUM
  21. Will a hot beverage be served after this swimming event?   GALATEA
  22. Befuddled Scotsman Tom was killed in battle   TALISMAN (Tam slain)
  23. Have a rethink owl   KENILWORTH
  24. An I seen Jade too, only in better English   JEANIE DEANS
  25. Feels I is low, is not good English either   ISLE OF LEWIS
  26. It’s really the man in number eleven   CHANCELLOR
  27. A mixed up hollow cylinder   BUTE (tube)
  28. Noodle fuss is very Western, if scrutinised with an eye   SOUND OF SEIL (anagram + i)
  29. This one was stunningly colourful   VIVID
  30. That’s a wide river to cross   BROADFORD