‘Heb Isles’ to give last Ardrossan-Campbeltown cruise of 2018


MV Hebridean Isles is expected to undertake this Sunday’s afternoon cruise to Campbeltown, the last of the 2018 summer. It will be the 1985 ferry’s first public sailing to the Kintyre port. Before travelling please check the CalMac website’s ‘service status’ guide for updates.

Due to technical problems with MV Isle of Arran, an unusual opportunity is in prospect for ship enthusiasts this coming Sunday 23 September: the first public cruise to Campbeltown by MV Hebridean Isles. In recent summers the Sunday afternoon return crossing from Ardrossan to Campbeltown has become a popular trip for excursionists. The ship leaves Ardrossan at 1350 and returns at 1935, with train connections from and to Glasgow Central. This is a non-landing cruise, but the panoramic vistas of Arran, Pladda, Kintyre, Ailsa Craig and Northern Ireland - not to mention Davaar Island and Campbeltown Loch - are often stunning, especially from the open foredeck of a 1980s-era CalMac ferry. An evening meal in the ship’s restaurant adds to the pleasure. The trip is dependent on the weather, so please keep an eye on the timetable for service updates.