Hull 802 Named!

Under wraps: scaffolding that has shrouded Hull 802 for the past two years will be dismantled specially for the naming ceremony. Hull 802 occupies the same slipway from which its sister ship was launched many years ago. The sister ship, originally named Hull 801 but now known as MV Glen Sannox, lies in the water nearby in a state of delayed completion

In a leaked email this morning to the CRSC Membership Secretary it has been revealed that the new CMAL ship (Hull 802) being built at Port Glasgow is to be named in honour of the CRSC. The ship is to be launched next week by Prince Harry and named MV CLYDE RIVER STEAMER CLUB.

In response to this news, former Club President Alec Lee Storey said: “This is the ultimate honour for the CRSC – to have a ship named after our organisation. To be honest I liked the name ‘Hull 802’ but still, I’ve waited 91 years for this and I can’t wait to have a plate of CalMac’s legendary macaroni cheese on her inaugural sailing. And let’s hope we can have a ‘booze cruise’ in the manner that they used to have on PS Ivanhoe, when I was a lad.”

It is believed that the first sailing for the new ship will be a special CRSC charter sailing three times around Little Cumbrae. This is expected to take place in about seven years’ time, but it is believed that macaroni cheese will still be available, even if Mr Storey isn’t.

Published on 1 April 2023