Photo of the month: November 2019

Argyle approaches Troon Harbour on the morning of 5 November 2019

In recent weeks both of CalMac’s Rothesay ferries have visited Troon for overhaul. In the case of Argyle, it was first time she had sailed outside the upper Firth since her delivery voyage from Poland in 2007. Allan Smith was on hand to record her arrival at the Ayrshire port on 5 November 2019.

Turning at the harbour entrance

Having just found myself returning from a month away at work on the morning of Tuesday 5th November, I quickly learned of Argyle’s intentions to visit Troon for dry docking. Before even heading home, I travelled to Troon to capture her arriving.

This is the first time that both of the ‘super-streakers’ have ventured south of Garroch Head for overhaul, Bute having visited Troon earlier in the refit season and in a previous year.

Interestingly, after taking a pilot onboard from Pilot Vessel Scotia, Argyle did not head straight round the lighthouse to Wee Hurry Quay. Instead she slowed some distance off the end of East Pier and spun 180 degrees on a sixpence.

She then very gracefully came astern up to the span on East Pier, positioning herself against two of the large dolphins. Ropes were put ashore but appeared to be in some uncomfortable positions due to the spread of the bollards at the large berth.

She offloaded presumably crew vehicles and then swiftly let go. Her resting place for the night was Wee Hurry Quay, where she sat until the next day when she entered drydock.

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Reversing towards the East Pier linkspan

There was no time lost at the linkspan before the ship drew away again

Argyle did not make the best fit for the linkspan on the East Pier

Turning into the inner harbour on Tuesday 5 November 2019

Heading for the berth next to the Wee Hurry restaurant

Nearly there……

Argyle spent the night of 5 November at Wee Hurry Quay before entering the Troon dry dock for the first time — where so many of her Clyde and Hebridean predecessors have received similar attention

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Published on 24 November 2019