Club Publications

CRSC produces two annual publications, distributed free to members.

Clyde Steamers is a 56-page magazine with articles encompassing the history of ships, fleets, companies, piers and personalities on the Clyde, together with other notable events and shipping developments.

Review  is a retrospective survey of ships and ship movements throughout each calendar year, offering extensive documentation and analysis of the whole coastal passenger/ferry scene in Scotland.

Back copies are available at the following prices, inclusive of postage:
pre 2010: £14.50 each (£10.50 for paid-up members)
2010 onwards: £15.50 each (£12.50 for paid-up members)

Clyde Steamers is available from 1965 onwards; Review from 1971.

Please email the membership secretary if you are interested in buying back copies of Clyde Steamers or Review.

The annual Review is sent to all paid-up CRSC members The 2020 edition of the Club magazine Clyde Steamers