Still Away With The Ferries

Anyone who has been captivated by CRSC’s highly entertaining series of articles on island hopping, starring Stuart Craig and his pals, will love Stuart’s two books on the subject — Away With The Ferries and Still Away With The Ferries

Given the current lockdown, preventing anything but essential travel to the islands, Stuart’s stories are an ideal way for you to island-hop through the medium of his hilarious prose, and compare his experiences with your own memories.

You can order Still Away With The Ferries from the CRSC Shop at the discounted price of £9. This is £4 cheaper than the retail price in other online bookstores.

Still Away With The Ferries contains a fund of stories relating to ferry travel in the Inner and Outer Hebrides, leavened by Stuart’s inimitable writing style and highly individual view of our world, by his love of bird life and by the idiosyncrasies (and occasional idiocies) of his fellow travellers.

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Stuart’s first volume, Away with the Ferries, is out of print, but Ebay usually has at least one copy on sale.

Stuart’s equally hilarious accounts of more recent island hopping can be read on the CRSC website:

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Part 5 will be published soon.

Still Away With The Ferries — Stuart looking suitably chilled-out on the deck of Hebrides en route to another island-hopping adventure

Published on 1 May 2020