Excursion Reports

Reports on Nominated Excursions and Charters organised by the Club.
This is a subject which features highly in the Club’s history. The days of large ship charters are sadly behind us but, as well as these, there have been many charters of smaller vessels and many nominated excursions. Those that took part in them will have many fond memories of great days out and it is hoped that they will help with this project.
Appeal for help and additional photographs 
This project to create as full a record as possible of Charters and Nominated Excursions throughout the history of the Club, has been underway for more than a year, is very much a “work in progress” and will be for some time.
A few members have already kindly contributed some notes and photographs from Club events over the years.  Others that I have contacted, after finding their images on the Internet, have been very helpful and allowed me to use their photographs.  The involvement of members in developing this record of Club Activities adds another dimension to the Club’s objectives of “Meeting, Sailing and Talking together” and the more members that contribute, the easier it will be to build up a picture of each day from different perspectives.  Some have contributed text, some only one or two photographs but every contribution, no matter how small, is very welcome and very valuable.
A comprehensive listing of all the excursions ever undertaken by the club is now published on the website, collated by year. This includes charters, organised excursions and nominated excursions. Click on a year in the grid below to see what was organised in that year. At present, there is very variable amounts of information available for each event and members are encouraged to help in any way they can. The “traffic light” colouring of the years gives a rough indication of the amount of material currently available for any year, and also indicates where there are major gaps.  YOU  can help by contributing a photo or two and/or a brief (or comprehensive) note of your memories of any trip.
Were you on the train, or the steamer, the last time the CRSC chartered a train to go on a steamer excursion?  Do you have any memories or photos of the nominated excursions to Larne and Belfast? Were you on the Countess of Breadalbane charter on 14th May 1966, or any charter or excursion throughout the history of the Club? Please consider looking at your notes and photographs and contributing to the history of YOUR CLUB. Even just one photograph from a number of members will build up a report for any specific excursion or charter.
Please contact info@crsc.org.uk if you have any material or ideas you wish to contribute or if I can help you in any way.  I can arrange to scan any material you may have which you are unable to scan yourself, but the more that you can supply to me in digital format, the less work it will be for me.
Click below on the year you wish to visit to see information available about the Charters and
Nominated Excursions of that year.  The Colour Legend is at bottom of page.


All of the excursions in this year have a report and/or photographs. More photographs are always welcome.  Please contact the info
1971 50% or more of this year’s excursions have a photographic record or some other information about the day but more is required. If you have any information or photographs from any of this year’s excursions, please contact the info.
1971 Less than 50% of this year’s excursions have a photographic record available or other information about the day.  If you have any information or photographs from any of this year’s excursions, please contact the info.
1971 Years when no trips were organised
2016 Planned Excursions