Superb ‘Duchess’ enlargement

Walter Kerr’s classic portrait of Duchess of Hamilton can be bought unframed in a high-quality 16″ x 12″ enlargement. It would make a superb adornment to anyone’s home. A framed copy, held by CRSC President Roy Paterson (right) and Vice-President Andrew Anderson (left), was exhibited at CRSC’s recent AGM. CRSC has had privileged access to the original negative

We are selling high-quality enlargements of one of the greatest of all Clyde steamer photographs.

It shows Duchess of Hamilton in her full glory, departing Millport (Old) c1962.

The A3-size print is ideal for framing, as illustrated above. Click here to buy.

It is available to all-comers — priced £20 (£15 for CRSC members). The print will be despatched post-free in a cardboard tube.

If you have not yet joined CRSC, you can do so here for £10, which would automatically give you the £5 members’ discount on your ‘Hamilton’ enlargement.

We have a limited supply, so order now by clicking here to secure your print.

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

The photo was taken by Millport’s renowned professional photographer Walter Kerr (1920-2007).

These prints were made from a scan of the original negative, to which CRSC has had privileged access.

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Published on 29 April 2019.