On the Spot — the complete collection

Among the ships most regularly cited in ‘On the Spot’ interviews, Glen Sannox (left) and Isle of Arran feature prominently. They are pictured together at Ardrossan in May 1989, shortly before the ‘Sannox’ was withdrawn and sold for service in the Red Sea

Since June 2017 Stuart Craig’s series of online interviews with CRSC members has delighted us all, giving respondents the chance to air and share their views about ship-related topics, and encouraging readers to compare other enthusiasts’ experiences with their own.

We have now brought together the entire series in the hope that you will revisit or catch up with these entertaining reads.

What emerges is the diversity of opinion, age, background and experience among Club members, and the role played by CRSC in helping enthusiasts to explore and share their interest in ships of the Clyde and Western Isles.

By clicking on the links below, you will access each person’s ‘On the Spot’. The list follows the chronological order in which they were published.

Keep your eye out for the next ‘On the Spot’ in this popular ongoing series. Club members wishing to access CRSC’s extensive library of ‘Members Only’ posts should click here.

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Robin Urie

Lawrence Macduff

Iain Dewar

Derek Crawford

Cameron Shaw

Graeme Dunlop

Andrew Anderson

Barbara Craig

Terry Sylvester

Paul Semple

David Scott

John Beveridge

Allan Smith

Walter Bowie

Ken Mills

Graeme Phanco

Carrie MacKinnon

Jim Stirling

Graham Lappin

Kay Hutchison

Gavin Stewart

Anne Mitchell

Derek Peters

Charles McCrossan

Fraser MacHaffie

Stuart McMahon

Rob Beale

Graeme Roy

Avril de Fou

Duncan Wilson

Mark Nicolson

Susan Forrest

Jane Liston

Eric Schofield

Captain Dominic McCall

Jeanie Deans undergoing hull repairs after damage sustained during the Second World War

June 2024 compilation